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Yodgorlik Silk Factory in Margilan

Yodgorlik Silk Factory, Margilan

Up to date, the only factory that has preserved the manual method of silk production is the Yodgorlik Silk Factory in Margilan. The factory was founded in 1972.

Today the factory employs about 450 people, most of whom are women. On average, the factory produces up to 6 thousand meters of fabric per month, including natural silk and semi-silk fabrics. Uzbek silk is rightfully called khan-atlas - "royal silk", which, depending on the color of the production method, is divided into several types. This also includes such fabrics as shokhi, bekasam, adras, which are based on silk threads.

Visitors to the factory can see with their own eyes the whole process of silk production, as well as purchase various silk fabrics and semi-silk fabrics for themselves.

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