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Rishtan Art Ceramics Factory

Rishtan Ceramics

The most sonorous sounding ceramics and the famous school of Uzbekistan is located in Rishtan, Fergana Valley. Rishtan is the oldest center for ceramic art in Central Asia. Here a unique technology for creating ceramic products was developed. Local ceramics are distinguished by their shapes, ornaments and colors.

The expositions of museums in Italy, Hungary, France, Belgium, Russia are decorated with modern works of Rishtan masters - living embodiment of the traditions of blue ceramics of the Timurid era.

They say that there was a time when practically all the male population of Rishtan was made up only of potters. The clay there is wonderful, it lies in layers throughout the entire area. There are practically no impurities added to it.

Each Rishtan master has his own secrets of the composition of glaze and paints. The secret of the stability of the Rishtan school is in the uninterrupted connection of several generations of masters, when the father's work is shared by the sons.

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