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Ice Arena in Samarkand

Samarkand Ice Arena

The second largest Ice Arena in Uzbekistan after Humo Arena is Samarkand Ice Arena. Skiing well-suited for both children and adults and enjoying great popularity. The Ice Arena is located in the shopping center. In addition to the ice arena, the shopping center has branded stores, cafeterias and canteens located on the first two floors. At the very top there are bowling and fitness clubs, playgrounds and various attractions.

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Ice Arena is located in the Family Park Innovation-Themed Entertainment Center of the Mirankul Group. The event has become a landmark both for those who have been involved in figure skating for a long time, and for beginners, and for mass discoveries.

The Ice Arena measures 28 meters high and 60 meters high. On one of its long sides there is a spectator stand for 1800 seats. On the opposite side, there is a panoramic view of the hockey rink from the inner showcase of the first and second floors of the complex.

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