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Samarkand Central Park

Central Park in Samarkand

One of the most famous parks in Samarkand. Samarkand Central Park is ideal place for everyone as there are many sitting places, statues, plants, walking areas, playgrounds. Central Park is located in the heart of Samarkand which makes it accessible to public transportations.

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In Samarkand Central Park named after Alisher Navoi, a monument was erected to two outstanding representatives of Uzbek and Tajik literature - Alisher Navoi and Abdurakhman Jami.

“According to the organizers, the monument will not only decorate the Central Park of culture and recreation named after Alisher Navoi, but it will symbolize the centuries-old friendly relations between the two fraternal peoples, the further development and strengthening of cooperation between them.”

Recall that initially the monument was erected near Registan Square, then at the intersection of Dagbitskaya and Registanskaya streets. And in 2009 the monument was dismantled.

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