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Abdullazizkhan Madrasah in Bukhara

Abdullazizkhan Madrasah, Bukhara

Madrasah of Abdullazizkhan was built in 1561-62, in the southern part of the city. Constructed by "Kosh" method together with madrasah of Ulugbek it is a harmonious architectural ensemble.

This ensemble was created by the best architects of their time. The complex was built in the period of the maximal flowering of art, erection of the large buildings. The madrasah has dimensions 50x67 m and the area of the courtyard is 28x35m. 

Located on the second floor auditorium, designed for the study, arouses the admiration for its arrangement and design. A well lined library of madrasah also impresses by its beauty which arouses the admiration of the visitor.

Entrance fee: 1.5 USD

Abdullazizkhan Madrasah in Bukhara Abdullazizkhan Madrasah, Bukhara Abdullazizkhan Madrasah

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