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Nodir Devonbegi Madrasah in Bukhara

Nodir Devonbegi Madrasah, Bukhara

Madrasah Nodir Devonbegi - Madrasah in Bukhara, part of the architectural ensemble of the XVI-XVII centuries Lyabi-house. The madrasah was built in 1622-1623. by the vizier of Imamkuli-khan, Uzbek dignitary Nodir Devon-run as a caravanserai, but was later converted into a madrasah. In 1993, the madrasah, along with other monuments of the historical center of Bukhara, was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

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Nodir Devonbegi Madrasah is located in the eastern part of Lyabi Khauz Square, opposite the khanaka Nodir Devonbegi, thus forming a kosh with a khanaka. On the central line of the kosh is the house Devonbegi.

The alteration of the madrasah from the karvan-shed is indicated by the layout of the building: there is no lecture hall typical of the madrassah, and there are only hujras around the courtyard. In Central Asian architecture, as a rule, instead of the main entrance, a lattice window is placed on the portal axis, and the portal diverges into different wings of the building. However, in the Nodir Begi Madrasah, a narrow entrance leads directly to the courtyard.

The portal of the madrasah is decorated with mosaic images of fallow deer and two Simurg birds that look at the sun. The remains of the mosaics are visible on the side facades.

According to legend, Nadir divbegi planned to open a caravanserai and earn some extra money: Lyabi Khauz square was a busy shopping area at that time, so there would be no end to the guests. But an overlay came up: at the time of the discovery, Khan Imamkuli, for his own reasons, called the construction of the madrasah, a spiritual school.

As a result, Nadir Devonbegi parted with plans to earn extra money and gave the building to believers, especially since it was opposite the khanaka, built by the same unlucky divabegi. However, this was not in vain and Nadir earned the glory of a great philanthropist and defender of Islam.

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