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How to read an Uzbekistan Visa Sticker

How to read your Uzbekistan Visa Sticker

How to read visa sticker Uzbekistan

If you have been granted an Uzbek visa, there are several pieces of important information on the visa sticker. The visa sticker information is provided in two languages: Uzbek and English.

Please read carefully the following article to understand better how to read your visa.

If you are entering Uzbekistan on an Uzbek visa make sure that you check it once issued and carefully note the date of expiry and the number of entries permitted.

How to read an Uzbekistan visa sticker:

DURATION OF STAY 30 DAYS indicates the number of days you may stay in Uzbekistan. No matter how many days you have stayed in Uzbekistan, you must leave no later than the date printed in the "UNTIL" field.

The period of time between "FROM …UNTIL" is sometimes longer than the number of days printed in the "DURATION OF STAY" field. The difference in period is meant to give you flexibility to plan your entry into and exit from Uzbekistan, but your stay in Uzbekistan must never exceed the exact number of days in the "DURATION OF STAY …DAYS" field. The same here - no matter how many days you have stayed in Uzbekistan, you must leave no later than the date printed in the "UNTIL" field.

Don’t overstay your visa, or exceed your permitted duration of stay in Uzbekistan, even for a very short period. Any traveller found to have overstayed will face a fine and possibly deportation. It is not always possible to extend your stay or a visa if you wish to remain in the country for longer than you had originally intended.


The immigration regulations of Uzbekistan require that all foreigners present in Uzbekistan be registered with the local authorities immediately upon arrival in Uzbekistan. You must register within 5 days of arrival in Uzbekistan. Saturdays and Sundays count as part of the five day period. If you are staying in a hotel, you will be asked for your passport at check-in and it will be retained for a short period. Hotel staff will complete the registration paperwork and return your passport to you.

If staying in a private house, your host should register you with their local district OVIR (Department of Foreign Travel & Exit (they also deal with the registration of Foreign Citizens)) or on the electronic registration system Emehmon.

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