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Allakuli Khan Madrasah in Khiva

Allakuli Khan Madrasah, Khiva

Allakuli Khan Madrasah was built in 1834 on the own funds of Khiva khanate khan, Alla Kuli. It is located between the covered bazaar (Tim Alla Kuli Khan) and the East Gate (Palvan Darvoza). Its main facade overlooks the courtyard of the Khodjamberdy Bey madrasa.

The municipal library was organized in several cells (houdjra) on the ground floor. It was also founded by Alla Kuli and served to all students of different madrasas in the city. It was financed on the account of the caravanserai of Alla Kuli and Tim Alla Kuli.

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Although there is nothing special about the architecture of the madrasa, it exudes a strong impression. The facade is decorated with Corasmia-like majolica in shades of black and white and blue. The decorations are outlined in black and evident in the tympanums and in the double arches, as well as the three quarters of the columns of the portal, one of the largest in the city.

The court measures 30x34 meters, generally with four iwan, one on each side.

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