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Islam Khoja complex

Islam Khoja complex, Khiva

It is located behind the Islam Khodja minaret which, like the madrasa, takes its name from the one who built it. Islam Khodja was the Grand Vizier (and the stepfather) of the last khan, Asfandiar, who reigned from 1910 to 1918. They are the master craftsmen of the village of Madir Bolt, Vaïzov and Madaminov who created the glazed tiles with sketches of Ish-Muhammad Khoudaïberdiev.

The madrasa Islam Khodja, built in 1908, is a very specific architectural complex that reflects the influence of the time and the spirit of the master craftsman of Khiva. It consists of forty-two cells, a large hall under a dome and a high 45-meter minaret. The control of the architects is revealed by the combination of shapes made in a small space. The mihrab niche is decorated with finely chiseled tiles and gantches. 

Islam Khoja complex Islam Khoja complex, Khiva Islam Khoja complex in Khiva

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