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Djuma Mosque in Khiva

Djuma Mosque, Khiva

It is located east of the Sayid Alauddin mausoleum. Inside there are as many as 218 wooden columns supporting the roof whose bases carved with Kufic inscriptions date back to the X-XI century. The mosque dates back to 1788 but there was already an ancient mosque in the 8th century, of which there are still some standing columns that were erected on a pre-existent, even older building. The mosque measures 55x46 m and is built with a single large room, following the example of a few mosques in the world such as Rabat and Afrasiab. The decorations with vegetal motifs are very interesting.

Between 1996 and 1997 the mosque was restored and some columns replaced.

Opposite the mosque there is also the 47 meter high Juma minaret.

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