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Arab Muhammad-khan Madrasah in Khiva

Arab Muhammad-khan Madrasah, Khiva

Arab madrasa Mohammed Khan is an ancient madrasa of Khiva in Uzbekistan. It is located in the walled city of Itchan Kala.

The structure is west of the madrasa Mohammed Amin Khan. It was built to replace a small madrasa financed by a famous Khiva woman. The Khan of Khiva, Arab Muhammad Khan of the Arabchanid dynasty (branch of the Shaybanidis) bought it from this woman and in the annexed land in 1616 built a new madrasa of fired bricks, in honor of the fact that Khiva became the capital of Corasmia instead of Gurganj (Urgench).

In 1838, during the reign of Alla Kuli Khan, it was rebuilt in the typical Khiva madrasa model. Today it is a symmetrical building, with a floor of a floor, with a solid portal and cylindrical turrets at the corners.

Muhammad Rahim Khan conducted his youth studies there, led by the poet and historian Agakhi.

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