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Shergazi-Khan Madrasah in Khiva

Shergazi-Khan Madrasah, Khiva

The Shergazi-Khan Madrasah is located in the center of Ichan-Kala, in front of the entrance to the Mausoleum of Pahlavan Mahmud.

The Shergazi-Khan Madrasah is one of the oldest and largest madrasahs in Khiva was built by the captives of Shergazi Khan, captured by him in 1718 during a raid on Khorasan and Mashhad. Khan, who promised to free people after the construction is completed, delayed the completion of work. In the end, in 1720, enraged prisoners killed him in an unfinished madrasah (the mausoleum of Shergazi Khan adjoins the western corner of the main facade of the madrasah).

The Shergazi-Khan Madrasah is one-story building with a two-story entrance includes a courtyard with four aivans, a complex of lobby rooms and a lecture hall. Due to the natural subsidence of the soil and the increase in burials, the entrance is two meters below the level of the road.

Here, both the residents of the Khiva Khanate and Turkmenistan received education, including the poets Makhtumkuli and Azhiniyaz.

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