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Alay Bazaar - Oriental Market of Tashkent

Alay Bazaar - Oriental Market of Tashkent

Alay bazaar (Oloy bazaar, Alayskiy) is one of the oldest markets of Tashkent. It is located in the center of the capital city. It is very popular among the tourists. Alay Bazaar has been recently modernized. It is very wide and beautiful, convenient and clean. It has product rows, where you can buy oriental sweets, fruits, vegetables and other products. Alay bazaar offers only exclusive fruits and vegetables with much more higher price. It has mostly VIP customers. Although Alay Bazar is concidered to be eastern market, you don't notice any oriental trade bewtween sellers and customers. If you want to see real eastern bazaars with traditional trades you should try to visit one of  the other Tashkent markets. 

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