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St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in Tashkent

St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, Tashkent

The Church of the Saint Blessed Prince Alexander Nevsky is the Orthodox Church of the Tashkent and Uzbekistan Diocese of the Central Asian Metropolitan District of the Russian Orthodox Church, located in Tashkent in the cemetery along Botkin Street.

The solemn laying of the temple was made on November 23, 1902. The first stone laid in the foundation of the temple was consecrated on December 6, 1902. The temple itself was built in 1903-1904 at the expense of the military department of the Turkestan Territory.

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The initial funds for the construction of this temple were allocated by the Chief Engineer General Vernarder. The largest contribution was made by commercial adviser Nikolai Ivanovich Ivanov. He financed the construction of a wooden, refined work, and a gilded iconostasis.

Architect - engineer Alexander Alexandrovich Burmeister, foreman - military engineer captain Fedor Smirnov.

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