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Monument of Courage in Tashkent

Monument of Courage, Tashkent

The Monument of Courage is one of the most significant monuments in Tashkent. The monument is dedicated to the 1966 earthquake in Tashkent.

The 1966 Tashkent earthquake occurred on 26 April. It had a magnitude of 5.1 with an epicenter in central Tashkent at a depth of 3–8 kilometers (1.9–5.0 mi).

The earthquake caused massive destruction to Tashkent, destroying most of the buildings in the city, killing between 15 and 200 people and leaving 300,000 homeless. Following the disaster, most of the historic parts of Tashkent had been destroyed and the city was rebuilt.

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A black labradorite cube with the date of 26 April 1966 inscribed on one of its sides is installed on a granite pedestal. Another side of the cube presents a clock, the hands of which show the time of 5:24. The cube is split by a crack symbolising the break of the earth and continuing to the foot of the statue, which represents a woman embracing a child and a man trying to protect them with his breast from the strike of the nature.

In the background of the monument there is a composition in relief telling about the restoration of Tashkent.

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