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Tillya Sheikh Mosque in Tashkent

Tillya Sheikh Mosque, Tashkent

The Tillya Sheikh Cathedral Mosque was built in 1903 at the expense of one of the Tillya Sheikh Tashkent merchants. Being one of the richest people of his time, he was distinguished by his justice, generosity and concern for poor people.

For the convenience of people who come here to pray, this building consists of two parts - mihrabs.

tillya_sheikh_mosque_khast_imam_complex_2.jpg tillya_sheikh_mosque_khast_imam_complex.jpg tillya_sheikh_mosque_khast_imam_complex_1.jpg

In 2007, on the initiative of President I. Karimov, all architectural monuments included in the Hazrati Imam complex were restored, and a new cathedral mosque Hazrati Imam was erected in a short time, as well as the new building of the Office of Muslims of Uzbekistan and the Committee on Religious Affairs under The Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

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