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Metro in Tashkent

Tashkent Metro

The Tashkent Metro is the rapid transit system serving the city of Tashkent, the capital ofUzbekistan. It is one of only two subway systems currently operating in Central Asia (the other one being the Almaty Metro). It was the seventh metro to be built in the former USSR, opening in 1977. Its stations are among the most ornate in the world. Unlike most of the ex-Soviet metros, the system is shallow (similar to the Minsk Metro).

The Tashkent Metro faced with marble, granite and ceramic tiles leaves an amazing impression on the guests of the Republic. Decorated in the eastern style, it is deservingly considered one of the most beautiful and spacious Metro networks in the world.

tashkent_metro.jpg tashkent_metro_2.jpg tashkent_metro_1.jpg

Each station has its own unique architectural features. All stations protect people from summer heat and winter cold.

Tashkent metro is one of the strategically important objects of Uzbekistan. It was forbidden to take pictures or make videos inside the subway system until June 2018.

By 2025, the Tashkent metro will be increased four times, and the total length of the capital's railways will be 157 kilometers.

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