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New Khazrati Imam Mosque in Tashkent

New Khazrati Imam Mosque, Tashkent

The new building of the mosque Khazrati Imam was built in 2007 in the style of the XVI century. New Khazrati Imam Mosque consists of the mosque and two minarets.

The new Hazrati Imam Cathedral Mosque is made in the spirit of ancient traditions. The designer of the building with two domes and two minarets was Abdukahar Turdiev. The right minaret was erected by masters from Khorezm, and the left - by Samarkand masters. Masters Mansur Murodov, Abdurahim Umarov, Furkat Mansurov, Hasan Odilov, Yunus Muhammadzhonov worked on the project. The special design of the window openings of the domes allows the rays of the sun to penetrate into the mosque from sunrise to sunset.

The inside of the two domes of the mosque is decorated with gold leaf. At the entrance to the mosque is an aivan with twenty carved columns of sandalwood. The height of the minarets reaches 53 meters.

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