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German Kirche - Sights in Tashkent

German Kirche, Tashkent

The Evangelical Lutheran Church (Protestant Church) is located on Sadik Azimov street of Tashkent. Service was started in this church on October 3, 1899. The building of the church was designed by Benua A.L.

During the soviet period the building was used as a store, at the end of the 70's of the 20th century it was given to the Conservatory of Tashkent and after completion of the restoration work the building was used as a hall for opera studio of the Conservatory. At the same time an organ was installed there and concerts of organ music were regularly performed in the hall.

In the 90's of the 20th century the building was given to the recreated Lutheran Church of the city, although the actual number of Lutherans of Tashkent was not so numerous at that time.

German Kirche - Sights in Tashkent2 German Kirche - Sights in Tashkent3 German Kirche - Sights in Tashkent1

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