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The Old City of Tashkent

The Old City, Tashkent

Quite a few historical buildings, mosques and mausoleums have been preserved from old Tashkent. However, the "Old city", or "Eski-Shahar", as it is called, still shows the eyes of people a maze of narrow streets, low mud buildings, mosques and madrassas (Muslim schools).

The best examples of the ancient architecture of the capital include the Shayhantaur ensemble, which consists of three mausoleums - Yunus Khan (XV century), Shayhantur (XV-XIX centuries) and Kaldirgach-Biya (XV century) with its famous twelve-sided pyramidal domes, as well as the Zayniddin-Bobo mausoleum (XVI century), Sufi-Ota mausoleum (XVI century) and the architectural ensemble Khast Imam (XVI century).

Among the religious buildings the existing Kukeldash madrasah (XIV century, recently restored), the Abdul-Kasym-Eshon madrasah (XVI-XIX centuries), as well as the Khast-Imam ensemble (Khasti-Imom) with the Barakhan madrasah (XVI-XVII centuries), and the Al-Bukhari Institute located in it, as well as the Kaffal Shashi Mausoleum (XV century) have been preserved.

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