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Humo Arena in Tashkent

Humo Arena, Tashkent

The Humo Arena or Ice Dome Tashkent is a multifunctional indoor arena. Humo Arena is the biggest hockey arena in Central Asia and the second after the Belarusian Minsk Arena. The Humo multifunctional complex also includes sporting museum, gyms, catering service facilities, fitness centre, ski, etc.

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The hall is able to change the arrangement of seats depending on the sporting event. The main arena also hosts basketball, volleyball, handball, futsal, boxing, taekwondo, short track, figure skating and curling competitions, as well as concerts.

The construction of the first indoor professional Ice Palace in Tashkent began in February 2017. According to the project documentation, the arena is designed for 12,500 seats. The arena, as conceived by the project designers, is shaped like a Humo bird, a symbol of happiness and freedom. The sidewalks of the entire complex designed in the form of Humo wings. The opening ceremony of the Humo Arena took place on March 15, 2019.

The Ice Palace with an area of 74,000 square meters consists of 2 complexes: a training and a main arena. The field of the main arena, 30x60 meters in size, is intended for holding hockey matches. The indoor arena can be used for other sports such as basketball, volleyball, handball, futsal, etc. In a concert configuration, the palace has a capacity of 10,000 spectators.

The Humo Arena complex will be one of the proposed venues in bidding for the 2030 Asian Games.

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