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Rolling Night Club in Tashkent

Tashkent Rolling Night Club

Try out roller skates today and get back to your childhood memories. Roller Skating is a lifetime fitness sport, well-suited for both children and adults and is a multi-faceted sport that has endured over time and is once again enjoying great popularity.

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The Rolling Night Club opened at the beginning of 2020 and has already fallen in love with those who have come here to ride at least once. Rollerdrom is located at the exit of the Novza metro station, in the same building as the Makro supermarket.

Rolling Night is a spacious 600 sq. m for 50 people. Along the perimeter of the rollerdrome there are railings and a bar counter. Of good will, without losing sight of him. The site itself is equipped with modern smooth flooring and columns with mats, which you can drive up to in case of fatigue or just soften the fall.

The name of the Roller Club is from lawyers to night races - joint walks along the streets of the city. The atmosphere here is European: twilight and multi-colored glow of lanterns. Together with dynamic music from the speakers, Rolling night becomes a great alternative to driving down the street. On the rollerdrome, as on the rink, they move counterclockwise. However, experienced skaters can break this unspoken rule - their coordination helps create non-emergency situations. And if you still get hurt, there is a nurse on the territory of the club who will provide first aid.

One of the advantages of Rolling Night is the presence of a cafe and a restaurant. Therefore, here you can not only work out and have a bite, but also meet friends, entertain children on holidays and celebrate a birthday. On the territory of the rollerdrome there is a bar with soft sofas, and on the third floor there is an Anatolia cafe with Turkish cuisine. However, it is not necessary to go upstairs - the waiters take orders from the rollerdrome. Under the guidance of a Turkish chef, the cafe prepares juicy meat dishes, salads and sweets. Based on the preferences of younger guests, a separate place in the menu is reserved for hamburgers and pizza.

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