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Tashkent Circus

Circus in Tashkent

A world full of fun and excitement! Tashkent Circus is the best place to enjoy watching spectacular performances of jugglers, clowns, acrobats and wild animal trainers.

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The first Circus Groups appeared in Uzbekistan at the beginning of the 20th century. The first permanent Circus was constructed in Tashkent in 1819, but the building was destroyed by the 1966 earthquake. In 1920 was set up Tashkent State Circus (Tashgostsirk). The first Uzbek Circus Group was organized in 1942 in Tashkent and it was the first national Circus team on the territory of former USSR. The new building of Tashkent Circus was built in 1976 and fully renovated in 1999.

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