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Plov Center of Tashkent

Central Asian Plov Center, Tashkent

Plov is the most classic dish of Uzbekistan. For Uzbeks, plov represents hospitality and identity. Plov is cooked in a giant, wood-fired kazans. The menu at the Central Asian Plov Center is simple: plov, salad and tea.

Customers at the Plov Center of Tashkent can choose how much rice, how much meat, and whether or not they would like an egg or kazy (horse sausage).

central_asia_plov_center_tashkent.jpg central_asia_plov_center_tashkent_2.jpg central_asia_plov_center_tashkent_1.jpg

The closest metro station to Central Asian Plov Center is Shakhristan (Shakhristan is a station of the Tashkent Metro on Yunusobod Line. Previously it was called Habib Abdullayev). The Center of Plov is right next to the Tashkent TV tower that can be used as a landmark to find it. We recommend to get there from 11:00 to 14:00.

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